Business Law

Shayne Nichols, LLC is a leader in understanding the complex field of corporate and business law. Advising companies in such matters as capital formation, commercial transactions and regulatory matters is a key function of our business. Skilled and experienced, our attorneys are ready for any corporate or business law challenge.

Among the clients we’ve successfully represented are publicly-held companies, national manufacturers, regional manufacturers, financial institutions and privately-held entities. In addition to handling firmly established companies, we’ve assisted many start-up companies on securing both debt and equity financing.

Shayne Nichols, LLC provides a full range of business services including:
- Forming, dissolving and reorganizing corporate and other structures, including limited liability companies
- Organizing joint venture structures
- Contracting
- Leasing (both real estate and equipment)
- Financing
- UCC sales and secured-party matters
- Corporate governance and fiduciary duties of officers, directors, owners and partners

Restructuring debt. Regardless of the type or size of corporate law issue you’re facing, Shayne Nichols, LLC is the law firm you can rely on for the experience and dedication to give you the edge.

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