Automotive Law 

When it comes to automotive law our experience encompasses work with new and used vehicle dealerships. Central to our reputation is our experienced and skilled team of attorneys, dedicated to providing complete service.

We have advised client in all areas of the automobile business, including:
- Negotiations for the acquisition and/or sale of franchises
- Floor plan and acquisition (including blue sky) financing
- Securitizations
- Leasing
- Estate and succession planning for the owners and their families
- Insurance agencies and premium finance companies
- Off-shore reinsurance companies
- Buy-here
pay-here customer loan financing and finance companies
- Extended warranty programs
- Disputes with manufacturers
- Income tax planning
- Estate tax planning

Our attorneys have also handled specialty automotive financings including swaps. With such vast experience in the world of automotive business, Shayne Nichols, LLC can handle your challenges with precision. When it comes to your dealership, we are dedicated to protecting your interests and enhancing your bottom line.

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