Mergers and Acquisitions

Both public and private transactions are part of mergers and acquisitions. With buyers, sellers, venture capitalists and guarantors involved, the process can become extremely challenging. Our in-depth knowledge of federal tax law and Hart-Scott-Rodino Act compliance gives us an advantage when negotiating all aspects of merger and acquisition transactions.

Shayne Nichols, LLC provides a full range of merger and acquisition services. Examples include:
- The sale of an environmental remediation services company
- The sale of a multi-state fast food chain
- The acquisition of a multi-state chain of shoe stores
- The purchase and sale of numerous automobile dealerships
- The sale and subsequent joint venture of a manufacturing, wholesale and retail company
- The sale and subsequent joint venture of the practice management of a radiation oncology practice to a publicly held national cancer care company
- The acquisition of a specialty clothing imprinting company
- The sale of an industrial drum manufacturing company

Mergers and acquisitions do not just happen to large corporations. We offer the same quality services to companies of all sizes. Whether you are a large company, start-up business or entrepreneur, you can expect experienced service from our firm.

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