Estate and Succession Planning

The transfer of wealth is often a top priority among families. That’s why it’s also a top priority for Shayne Nichols, LLC. Our goal is to help our clients protect assets from creditors and move wealth from one generation to another at significantly reduced or even eliminated tax consequences. With our wide range of estate planning advice, we have assisted numerous families keep more of what they worked hard to earn.

Estate Planning
Issues our attorneys address include:
- Transfer of wealth from older family members to younger family members
- The protection of family assets from creditors, including the utilization of domestic and foreign asset protection trusts
- Gifts and sales to family members
- The shifting of income among family members to reduce, or even eliminate, the total taxes imposed upon the family
- Principal residence transfers
- Planning for wealth transfers in the case of future disability
- Sophisticated tax planning devices such as private annuities, marital trusts, charitable trusts, GRITS, GRATS, various types of transfers to minors, retained interest transfers and generation-skipping transfers help us more effectively transfer your family wealth. In order to provide you with the most complete service, our attorneys also address non-tax topics such as durable powers of attorneys, living wills and business succession planning

Business Succession
Shayne Nichols, LLC is a trusted advisor to many clients who own family businesses. Our business succession planning skills are dedicated to serving the client’s best interests and providing for future generations. Our business succession planning includes:
- Transferring business and investment opportunities to family members
- Utilizing buy-sell agreements to assure that the business remains under family control
- Corporate recapitalizations with respect to estate freezes
- Benefits of hiring family members
- Gift-leasebacks of equipment used by the family business

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