Our extensive experience in security offerings includes numerous private placements, shell mergers and the representation of issuers, underwriters, selling shareholders and other parties. Common stock, debt securities, straight debt, convertible debt, warrants, preferred stock, limited partnerships and limited liability companies are just some of the types of securities covered by these offerings.

We have represented issuers in these private placement transactions, as an example:
- Acquisition and real estate limited partnership syndication of 27- hole golf course and country club
- Regulation D offerings of common shares
- Numerous office building real estate partnerships
- Numerous apartment and shopping center projects in Ohio and Florida
- Industrial warehouse limited partnerships
- Land speculation partnerships, including two real estate limited partnerships that sold an aggregate of 290 acres of land to The Limited for its new corporate headquarters for Victoria’s Secret
- Syndication of a cancer therapy center on the campus of a major Columbus hospital
- CT Scanner limited partnership syndication
- Shell mergers
- Limited Liability Company interests in a manufacturer
- Direct marketer
of a home improvement product

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